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How would you react to the tendency of some quarters of equating affordable SEO service with amateur SEO? Does this automatically lead to something negative? The word “amateur,” in most instances, carry negative undertones, as if when we refer to something as amateurish, we usually mean that it is not worthwhile or desirable. This unfair tagging may not sit well to those who strongly support renowned global events such as the World Amateur Chess Champion and World Amateur Karate Champion.

SEO experts generally believe that a considerable number of people unconsciously or surreptitiously strive to distance themselves from this amateur tag while projecting a brand image as affordable SEO service.

Under specific circumstances, there is a world of difference between the professional and an amateur. In one particular aspect, the distinction can be established based on the compensation and degree of support that one receives in the performance of a task, and not necessarily have any bearing on the quality of the task being performed.

On the same breath, there is a general attribution to amateur SEO as the cause for some of the more common complications and problems such as filtration and search penalties. However, there are some amateur SEO techniques that are considered even by SEO gurus as good practices. In fact, there are several of these good practices that are commonly used by the pros. Here are some of these amateur SEO practices that we regularly apply until now.

Writing Content

A few paragraphs or even few lines of text on your web page can already constitute as your first step on search engine optimization. In fact, there are instances where amateur SEOs come out as better copywriters than most of the seasoned and expert SEOs.

Web Publishing

Amateur SEOs apply simple logic – for them, more is always better and this applies to their SEO techniques. Publishing as many websites as possible seems to be considered as an “amateurish” SEO technique. Be that as it may, it is a widely accepted principle that publishing more sites provides a broad range of opportunities for amateur SEOs to sharpen their skills and enhance their proficiency. This is akin to throwing bread on the river with the expectation that it will return a thousand fold.

Establishing Relevant Connections

It is a given that the most visible and active website operators are always engaged in “lively” conversation or discussion on subjects and issues that are relevant to their website. Even if they do not fully know the main players in their niche or segment, amateur SEOs still “play” with these players and eventually become marquee players themselves. This is how we can define the crossover of amateur SEOs to professional SEOs.

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